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The Steam Engine Safety Valve: New Valves Require

The purpose of safety valves for hand-fired boilers have changed from 1909 to today A safety val from 1909 (left) was meant to give notice of the highest pressure permissible according to the American Society of Mechancial Engineers and to give alarm that more water or less fuel was needed

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should be installed wherever the maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) of a system or pressure-containing vessel is likely to be exceeded In systems are typically used for overpressure protection and other applications such as downstream of pressure reducing controls

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The can be fitted within the pressure reducing station itself that is before the downstream stop as in Figure 933 (a) or further downstream nearer the apparatus as in Figure 933 (b) Fitting the before the downstream stop has the following advantages:

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Product Description These safety valves use a stainless steel ball and spring in a brass body They are set to blow at approximately 60psi (1/16 NPT)

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The removed from the can be sent out for repair and calibration and act as a spare until its time to replace the one on the Maintaining should always be a part of regular maintenance for the Visually checking the (s) daily for leaks and/or anything not normal is a good place to start

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